The Shore Club

15083 Molokai Dr Tega Cay, SC 29708

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Gina B

- Jan 25, 2019 8:32 PM EST

We just moved to Tega Cay. We wanted to try the restaurant in our neighborhood it was excellent! Service was great, wasn’t a long wait and food was terrific. I highly recommend! We will be back!

Ashleigh Hill

- Apr 11, 2018 3:00 PM EDT

Went to the club last night and I (along with the other patrons) asked to change the tv and music playing in the bar. Two employees, Ashley and Chris, were there presumably after they finished their shifts and were highly intoxicated. They got very angry about the music being changed and said some pretty disgusting things about myself and the other patrons. I’ve never been spoken to in such a way, especially at a place that I’m spending money in. Erin was working the bar and did her best to defuse the situation but Chris and Ashley kept stoking the fire. I request that some form of discipline be enforced. They both handled themselves very poorly and it was a horrible reflection on management.

Betty T.

- Jan 12, 2018 7:34 PM EST

On Sunday at 1:30 I had a party for my husband at the Shore Club. 35 people attended and it was a great success. I want you to know that Michelle was terrific! She covered every detail and it was a very pleasant afternoon with all of our friends and family. The wait staff was really good - can't believe how efficient he and his helper were....excellent. So, I just want to say that the party went off without any problems because Michelle and the wait staff did an excellent job.

Helen Atkinson

- Jan 2, 2018 12:21 PM EST

We normally love the Shore Club, but I’m very disappointed in how the New Years Eve event was run and how buyers of the $30 Sonic Rewind event were treated regarding the need to additionally reserve a seat in addition to the cost. No where was it stated we had to reserve a seat when purchasing the tickets. It was extremely poor customer service at best. Many people were upset that had no seats despite spending $60+ per couple. Never heard of an event run that way. No where did it say a seat reservation was extra and yet when we spoke up there, our concerns were blown off. Not a great way to keep customers. We were told once we got there that we should have “reserved a table by coming in “. We bought our tix online and there was nothing said about that anywhere. How would anyone know that?! Why would we think we wouldn’t have a seat despite buying a ticket to a New Year’s Eve event? We had people fly in from out of state for this event. We all had to leave at 9:30 because they couldn’t stand any longer. Not acceptable. No accommodation - like “sorry we’ll get you a table”. Just shrugged their shoulders at us. We’ve been to events there before and never had to “reserve a seat” before. Your ticket bought you your seat. This was clearly different than previous events with no communication about this bizarre table reservation. We were told tables were reserved for people next door at sit down dinner. What? They had their own event and music there. It made no sense but we also later found out you could do both events. That’s fine but how about taking care of customers who already bought SR tix? It’s like we were 2nd class citizens. Many angry people. Some demanded their money back; we should have as we could not stay and stand. 6 in our party with 3 high tops for the abundance of people like us who didn’t have a table? We saw a staff member pulling out dinner chairs and giving a couple people who were clearly not comfortable those chairs, but of course they were at table height, next to a high top. So bizarre. But for the others who had no place to stand or put their plate or drink, nothing was offered. Definitely not customer friendly. We were embarrassed with our guests who could not stand from 8 pm to 1 pm. Who could? They and the rest of our party left at 9:30 and wasted $60/couple. I find it unbelievable that your staff could care and no attempt to explain or make it right. We were not the only ones who felt that way and because of your lack of communication about this event, you’re just ignoring it. Heck even a guy who is friends with the band said he had no idea there were no seats for paying customers and that he would have to stand . We patronize your establishment quite a bit too. Just extremely disappointing.

Jeffrey Wilson

- Dec 15, 2017 3:33 PM EST

The food was extraordinary from the sushi special, the main course which I had the bacon wrapped scallops and my husband t bone steak cooked to perfection. Our waitress Valerie was amazing and dessert was to die for. Absolutely beautiful anniversary dinner and very reasonably priced

Robert Signor

- Aug 5, 2017 12:24 PM EDT

Great roast beef special. Our server Julianna was A+, very cordial and professional.